Fireworks are classified as dangerous goods due to storage, use, transport, handling and processing therefore they have to comply with strict legislation and guidelines.

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The development of the pyrotechnic industry worldwide reached 927 thousand million euros in 2018, due to the exports of fireworks. European manufacturers came second place behind the Asian producers with 13,2% of total exports.

The packaging and marking of explosives must meet the following requirements:

  • Homologation to transport, complying with the ADR legislation.

  • The packaging must be appropriate for the correct handling and transport of explosives and correct size packaging is essential for the transportation of goods.

  • And in addition, provisions shall be made to prevent accidental ignition, infectious substances and leaks from any explosives.

To provide for the safety of persons and property in relation to the manufacture, storage, sale, transport of pyrotechnic articles and explosives, classified as dangerous goods, we must comply with stringent legislation.

In ALFILPACK we are proud to deliver safe solutions to the problems that the pyrotechnic industry is facing.

Soluciones de embalaje para la industria pirotécnica

Homologated packaging: This type of packaging for dangerous goods has been developed by Adrexplo, our own brand, with more than 20 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing homologated packaging for the exporting and transportation of explosive and pyrotechnic goods, via air, land and sea.


Boxes 4G

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Large packaging and positioners

Vermiculite Packing

National References: We are a well-established company, in the development and manufacturing of packaging for explosives and the pyrotechnic industry. We have more than 40 products homologated and ready for commercialization, and this number is increasing every year.

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Adrexplo has a specialized website, constantly updated, with an extensive catalogue of packaging   to transport any pyrotechnic or dangerous goods.

Our team of technical specialists can supply a number of different products with the focus on providing the most suitable solution for each individual project. Would you like to talk to us?



El embalaje de artículos de pirotecnia tiene que cumplir unas normas muy exigentes, dentro de las mercancías peligrosas. Necesita una acreditación previa que debe obtener por parte del Organismo de Control Autorizado (OCA).Tras esta acreditación previa, los embalajes especializados deben ser examinados por laboratorios externos para homologarlos dentro de la clase 1 de materiales y objetos explosivos para las normativas ADR-RID, IMDG, IATA-OACI. Toda esta normativa y legislación determina la seguridad durante el manipulado y transporte de estos productos para así evitar daños a operarios o al medio ambiente.

International and national regulations are very stringent regarding dangerous goods. To be sure we are compliant with all the legal requirements, we are subject to authorization by the competent authorities, (OCA). Following this accreditation, all boxes are put through the required tests before they are approved for dangerous goods applications. The performed tests are conducted by an independent laboratory for homologation, within  Class 1, for substances and explosive goods according to the safety guidelines ADR-RID, IMDG, IATA, OACI. Compliance with the safety provisions during transportation and the handling of explosives and fireworks, will ensure the safety of people and minimize the environmental impact.

Soluciones de embalaje para la industria pirotécnica transporte

Our company uses combined packaging: the inner packaging helps protect the product from transport and storage damages. The inner packaging surrounds the product, which in turn is protected by the outer packaging.

The outside of the packaging must identify the explosive substances and articles and the hazards posed by them as packaged for transport.  Products that are categorized as dangerous goods need to be protected according to the dangerous goods classification, therefore, any mistakes in the labelling, might mean the rejection of the goods, apart from the economic loss.

This is why to have a fully certified dangerous goods packaging provider, who is flexible and efficient is vital at all times. To guarantee the transportation and storage of dangerous goods is an essential aspect for the manufactures of these products. Transporting dangerous goods is a complex procedure and requires detailed understanding and knowledge of the relevant regulations, to avoid penalties or economic losses should your goods are retained.

Increase of word exports

Increase of word exports map

The exports in the pyrotechnical sector are on the rise, the data obtained reflects that the value of the exports of fireworks increased 4,7% on average for all exporting countries since 2014. Year after year, the cost of fireworks exported increased 21%.

From 2018 we see the data in a graphic below

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País Cantidad (€) Cuota de mercado %
China 1779.717.093,89 84,2
Holanda 47.072.843,14 5,1
Alemania 14.399.909,91 1,6
Polonia 14.040.848,05 1,5
Spain 10.530.270,67 1,1
Estados Unidos 10.170.261,42 1,1
Republica Checa 9.000.231,34 1
Brazil 7.920.596,10 0,9
Italia 4.230.318,37 0,5
Switzeland 2.700.203,22 0,3
Austria 2.700.203,22 0,3
Reino Unido 2.610.387,28 0,3
Hungría 2.520.373,93 0,3
Bielorrusia 2.250.616,78 0,2
Francia 1.980.542,77 0,2

Data source: worldstopexports

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